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Updated 14th June 2017

Welcome to the Crawley Town Supporters Travel Group – now to be known as GH Away Travel

We now start another season following the RED DEVILs around the country

As from the 1st January 2017 we became the official provider of supporters transport when the CTSA decided to stop running their coaches. This was in agreement with the Football Club.

AWAY TRAVEL – 2017 - 2018


This season we will continue to take supporter’s coaches to away matches, like previous seasons we will not have a membership scheme and everyone who travels pay the same fare – we will generally give a reduction to under 16’s travelling with parents/a responsible adult. For some of the shorter trips we will take 15/16 year olds unaccompanied provided we have parent’s permission, they are drop off and picked up from the stadium unless otherwise agreed. However, should we have any problems on the coach or the ground then this will be withdrawn. For the overnight trips we can’t take under 18’s without a responsible adult. We will also not tolerate rudeness towards other passengers on the coach.


Hopefully now with increased numbers that travelled with us towards the end of the season we will be able to take a coach in most cases, we do now have an option for a smaller capacity coach for which some games this might be the better option. If it is required, we will again use minibuses where a coach is not viable due to costs or lack of numbers.  For the longer trips, i.e. Carlisle/Morecambe, we will organise overnight trips, staying on the Saturday evening – sorry but for these overnight matches we will not be providing a there and back in the day option. Our overnight trips have been well supported and we do have a good time, but don’t take our word for it, ask any of those who have come for these trips.


We do not see us changing our travel arrangements that have been very successful over the years – we will continue to stop for a buffet lunch (which is included in the fares) and a drink at a pre-arranged pub stop for most matches, we sometime if making good time on the trip will have a comfort break after a couple of hours, enabling you to stretch your legs, especially the longer trips. At the pubs you don’t have to drink alcohol, as they do provide coffee, tea and soft drinks. Most of the pubs we stop at have got to know us over the years and we have a good relationship with them all – the quality of the food is exceptional and we have always been treated very well. On the way home from matches we do use the Motorway services as a comfort break, although we have toilet facilities on the coach.


We do have rules and regulations we have to abide by – no alcohol, no smoking and no drugs on the coach – drivers hours have to be accommodated so that they get their required rest breaks – our pub stops have to be at least 10 miles from the opponents ground unless agreed with the police. We also have a clean coach policy where the coach goes back to the yard in the same state of cleanliness as we get it – rubbish bags are provided on the coach to help this.      


For the games within or just outside the M25 we will now provide a supporters coach where in the past we have travelled by train. Where we have demand for these matches we will endeavour to provide additional coaches or get a bigger capacity coach that wouldn’t necessarily have toilet facilities available. We operate on a first come basis, so once the coach is full we will then take names should anyone drop out, these will be then offered to supporters on the list.


All coaches will be departing from the Stadium for all matches.  We do leave at the scheduled departure time – if it says 9.00am, it will be 9.00am – we do not wait for late comers unless we get a text saying that you are on your way and will be at the ground shortly. This season we will be in Redz taking your fares and issuing coach tickets. We had quite a few no shows last season which we could have let other supporters have the seats – there will be exceptions to this especially when games are at short notice and we don’t have a home match. Also, anyone turning up on the day expecting to get on the coach may be disappointed should the coach be full. We may not have the option as we did for Cambridge to swap over to a larger capacity vehicle.   


We will endeavour to keep the same pricing policy again next season where the maximum fare paid by anyone will be £20.00 (which also includes the buffet lunch), except the overnight trips – it’s always hoped that the shorter trips will cover any losses made on the longer ones, although we would prefer these costs are covered.  All our accounts are up to date with all bills paid, and again next season we are fortunate that we do have money in the bank to be carried forward to cover any possible short fall.


Those of you that have travelled with us this season will have notice that we have used a few different coach companies – mainly in part due to Crawley Luxury’s work load with schools during the week and Rail replacement works at weekends. We will be having discussions with CLC and the other coach companies over the next few weeks to see what commitment we will be getting and whether we will have options for second/third coaches should they be required – especially if we have a cup run to cater for. 

(update 1st November 2017) For the remainder of this season we will be using Premier Transport Coaches for our away travel.

Travel Review of the 2018/2019 Season 

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