Book with us - the most cost effective way to travel which also includes a buffet lunch on the long away days

We look forward to welcoming you onboard for our next trip in League 1 next season. We are please to say we have had another successful season organising the coaches to away games - come and join us next season if you want a relaxing way to travel

Who we are

GH Away Travel are the official transport provider for all Crawley Town F C away matches.

We operate with no membership but ask you to fill in our travel form so that we have details so we can contact you if there are any problems or information that we need to provide. All travellers pay the same fare on the coaches as we want as many CTFC supporters to travel as possible to support the team. If you haven’t travelled with us before then please come and join us for a great day out of which the game is just part of the day. Everyone is made welcome and you will be travelling with like minded people who are supporting the Red Devils. On the way home from matches you will be ask for your “Man of the match” for that game and these results then go towards the end of the season awards for the “GH Away Player of the Season” – which Liam Kelly won.

Our coach provider next season are again United Minibuses and Coaches now based in Lowfield Heath – we had a productive meeting with them and have agreed a way forward for this coming season in League One – they have a modern fleet of coaches of differing sizes so we can decide what size vehicle is suitable for our trips around the country – we do have to give them at least 2 weeks notice so we have to decide then if a coach will travel to the game – so please book your seats early or you will be disappointed. Where this happens we will endeavour to take the minibus as we have in the past.

We have had a much better season on the road in terms of results and running coaches, culminating with 5 coaches to MK Dons in the League two playoff semi finals and then 10 to Wembley for the League two playoff final. It has to be said that all three games were brilliant and we now have returned to League 1. Our first time ever at Wembley and everything went to plan, eventually with the last two coaches arriving late at the Broadfield stadium for the trip to the National Stadium.

Our postponed game at AFC Wimbledon this season didn’t help our finances but United were extremely generous that they agreed a cancellation fee for both coaches which we were able to pay and still offer the supporters free travel to those who had paid for the previous trip. We took a full coach and a minibus on a Tuesday evening to Wrexham which was a great achievement and thanks to all the supporters travelling that evening.  Peterborough again was a game that was postponed when we were just 10 minutes from the stadium due to a waterlogged pitch. That also happened for the Home game against MK Dons which pushed everything back 24 hours and the second leg back to the Saturday evening making the coach arrangement a nightmare – but was all sorted in the end and of course a great result to put us in the final. it was then all go for the final at Wembley in just 7 days.  United again did a brilliant job for us and we used Turbostyle for the extra capacity we needed.

We are pleased to say that we again for the third season running seen an increase in numbers of supporters travelling with us last season which hopefully will continue into next in League 1 with many more reasonable trips – gone are the longest matches at Carlisle, Barrow, Morecambe, Accrington and Fleetwood. Our longest trip next season is now Blackpool. Our coaches have toilet facilities and also at seat charging points for mobile devices. You can leave items on the coach when going into the stadiums at your own risk.

With the Play-off matches we have given ourselves a good financial boost that will see us through for a few seasons if managed well.  If you don’t already know, any profits made over the previous season get used to subsidising any loss making coaches and paying for the buffets. For our Cup matches this season we will again be keeping the fares as low as we can, provided we can cover the costs especially when and if we are taking multiple vehicles.

AWAY TRAVEL – 2024 – 2025 season

We go again in August when the new season gets under way in League ONE – with new teams to travel to for the first time in League matches – Huddersfield and Birmingham – the fixtures are due out at the end of June so we will then start the arrangements for travelling. As per normal it is unlikely that we be providing any transport to any of the pre-season away friendlies.

Over the past seasons we have been allowing 14 to 16’s to travel unaccompanied provided we have parent’s permission. with the behaviour last season we are again pleased to say that we are prepared to continue this for next season provided they are dropped off and picked up from the stadium, unless otherwise agreed with us and that we do stop off at pubs for the buffet lunches.  However, should we have any problems on the coach, at the buffet stops or the grounds we visit then this will be withdrawn. Anyone under 14’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  For the overnight trips we can’t take under 18’s without a responsible adult. We will also not tolerate rudeness towards other passengers on the coach.

For the longest trip, to Blackpool we may run an overnight and a there and back on the day coach – the overnight could be 2 nights Friday and Saturday but this will be limited to 15 supporters as we will only run the minibus – it also depends when in the season the game is.

We do not see us changing our travel arrangements next season, as these have been very successful over the years – we will continue to stop for a buffet lunch (which is included in the fares) and a drink at a pre-arranged pub stop for the longer matches. We will have new venues to find and some old venues to re-visit – all very exciting. We usually, if making good time on these trips will have a comfort/coffee break after a couple of hours at a motorway services, enabling you to stretch your legs. At our buffet stops you don’t have to drink alcohol, as they do provide coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Most of the pubs we stop at have got to know us over the years and we have a good relationship with them all – the quality of the food is exceptional and we have always been treated very well.

On our way home from matches we do use the Motorway services as a comfort break on the longer trips where we have two drivers that need to swap over due to their working hours or a driver who is meeting us at the services to complete the journey back to Crawley.  Although on the shorter journeys where only one driver is required we leave it up to him whether he needs a stop or wants to press on home – which in general most supporters are happy with. As we have said we have toilet facilities on the coach so you don’t need to panic. We will inform you before you get off the coach at the ground whether or not we will have a stop so that you can get a drink or eats before we leave after the game if you need too. Please remember to take everything with you when leaving the coach when arriving back in Crawley.

We accept that some supporters can’t travel on coaches but we hope that they still continue to follow the Red Devils on the road in any way they can.

Alain Organiser
Pat Organiser

Why travel with us?

This season, when it starts please pay for your seats before travel – we are always in REDZ before any home matches Tuesdays and Saturdays, and usually somewhere near the TV screen opposite the Bar.  We can now take both bank transfer payments and cash as normal. If you need our bank details then please ask – we will need a screenshot of the payment when completed due to the type of account we have at the moment.  We will keep you updated with numbers booking on so once the coach is full we will either consider taking a second or have a waiting list for those who want to travel should anyone drop out.

For any cup or league matches where we expect to take more than one coach we will issue coach tickets so that hopefully all monies are collected before travel – you will not be allocated a coach but the coach you get on you will stay with and occupy the same seats for the entire trip.

Any supporter who has travelled on the coach and then is offered a lift home then please tell either Alain or Patrick so that we know and that we are not delaying departure waiting for you.

If you have any queries or comments about our away travel then please do not hesitate in contacting either Alain or Patrick – we are here to help

  • Our fares are now based on a tier system local, midlands and northern - with overnights to be advised

  • We don’t require any membership. Our price is the same for everyone wishing to travel.

  • We offer a buffet lunch during our longer trips which is included in the fare.

  • We offer a fun and sociable way to travel. You will be alongside friendly like minded individuals!

  • All our coaches have toilet facilities on board

  • Most of the coaches we use have UBS charging points at each seat available

  • We also have DVD and CD facilities available - to help with the longer distances we travel

  • Any supporter booked on that fails to turn up on the day who hasn't paid will be expected to pay for the seat. They will not be able to travel to another away game with us until this outstanding fare has been paid.

Further information

  • Smoking, alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the coach.

  • We have a clean coach policy – the coach goes back to the yard in the same state of internal cleanliness as we get it. Rubbish bags are provided on the coach to help this.

  • For some games within or just outside the M25 with high demand, we will endeavour to provide additional or larger coaches but these won’t necessarily have toilet facilities available.

  • We operate on a first come basis, once the coach is full we will then take names should anyone drop out, these will then be offered to supporters on the list.

  • For all matches, coaches will be departing from the stadium. Our coaches always depart at our scheduled departure time – we do not wait for late comers unless we get a text saying that you are on your way and will be at the ground shortly.

  • Anyone turning up on the day expecting to get on the coach may be disappointed should the coach be full.

Please ask for our travel form and we will E mail it to you – this is for our records and accounts.

To book on any of our coaches please contact me either by – Phone 07771 792346 - E mail